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How it all works, step by step…

1. Site visit & analysis: This is a free-of-charge consultation to assess what you want and need from your garden space. We’ll chat about various styles of gardens, any loves and hates you have, and how you’d like to use it throughout the year. I’ll take photos, note any problem areas and do a rough initial measure-up. I’ll also walk through the steps to creating your garden.

2. Initial design ideas:  With your current space and brief assessed, I’ll create an initial design concept for you – usually a sketch or simple 3-d model, so you can immediately visualise the layout and end result. It may also include a plant/colour moodboard and suggestions on lighting and water. At this stage we discuss your feedback and consider design and materials options to suit your budget. (If you’re after a simpler revamp take a look at the Styleseed make-over.)

3. Survey: To progress to more detailed design drawings that will allow a contractor to build the garden, the measurements need to be bang on. I’ll carry out or commission a survey to ensure all levels, boundaries, and any other important elements appear on the plan.

4. Detailed design: I’ll develop accurate, to scale drawings of the layout; terraces, steps, planted areas and all other built features of the garden. These 2d drawings will act as the guide for building the garden, so we can work in necessary tweaks and amends at this stage to ensure you avoid costly changes during build.

5. Construction drawings and instructions: I’ll then specify, in scale drawings and in writing, the build requirements, so contractors know what the job involves and can price up the work accurately for you. Sometimes I’ll ask expert colleagues to draw up lighting or water feature specifications.

6. Helping you find a contractor: I can cut the faff of finding recommended builders by sending out the build spec to 2-3 expert landscape contractors, and help you select the best response that suits your garden, plans and budget.

7. Monitoring the build: Once the contractor starts, I’ll act as your quality champion and answering any design questions they may have. This service is great if you’re strapped for time, want more peace of mind or just don’t want to get too involved with the dirty stuff!

8. Planting design: A well-thought out plan will ensure a head-turning display, that the plants will thrive, and that you save money.

I’ll create a moodboard of plant styles and colours for your feedback. We’ll then specify right type, number and size of plants that are perfect for your garden’s style, soil and sun levels in a planting plan, which details exactly what goes where.

Sourcing plants: We can source the plants that will bring the garden to life. We use only the best UK and European trade nurseries and plant transport, and manage the ordering, quality and delivery scheduling of plants to site.

Setting out: Once the plants are delivered we’ll ensure they’re perfectly positioned, ready for you or the contractor to settle them into their new home. (More on my planting design service here.)

Fees:  I work on an hourly fee basis at £60 an hour, and estimate how many hours each of the stages will take based on both experience and the size or complexity of your garden. Once I’ve visited your garden, the price for each stage will be confirmed and I’ll update you on project progress as we work. See the Styleseed Terms page for more details.


Having a beautiful space to wander out into on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and the papers is one of the joys in life.

Whether you have a rural garden or a basement courtyard, a carefully-designed space will ensure you use it all year round, maximising space and the value of your property.

Booking a free consultation will allow is to have a chat about what you want and need from your space.

We can design you a family garden with heaps of interest and places to play, a romantic scented English garden or a  contemporary space for dining and drinking with friends…

It’s your style – we bring it to life and watch it grow outdoors! See below for how we do it…