I’m supposed to be finishing a planting plan, but I’ve let myself wander through a hundred images of courtyard gardens instead…  I’m sourcing ideas for a 6×5 metre family space that will lead out from new full-width folding doors.

Getting the sense of flow from the inside to outside will be really important, as will making the space as multi-functional as possible to fulfill the family’s eating, playing, socialising, mooching and sunbathing needs.

Potential elements to include so far are a fireplace, built-in seating (hiding storage), lighting for evening drinks, and a green wall. It’s going to be a hard-working space!

And above all it needs to reflect the style of the interior and the fashionable client that’ll be building it… I’ve gathered loads of inspiration pics on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/jillywelch/courtyards and here are a few ideas from my files that are making me itchy to get started on the design! Choices, choices…

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