I’m designing a front garden path and entrance for the hardest client in the world right now; they change their mind every day, they have ridiculously high standards, they’re tight. Yep, it’s me.

So I’ve taken to the streets near me to snap a few possible looks, in the hope that seeing them all together will do wonders for my indecisiveness. Because I’m even stuck on what colour to paint the door.

The Victorian and Edwardian era houses where I live seem to suit sludgy, traditional colours; heather, aubergine, dusty grey. These from Farrow & Ball are high contenders: Vert de Terre, Pavillion Gray and the wonderfully-named Brassica.

And most have traditional door furniture (your posh phrase for knockers, numbers and letterboxes), but sharp, modern versions in in chrome would work well and hint that the house may be period, but the style inside is bang up to date.

But in that case perhaps I should throw Edwardian caution completely to the wind and go all out and go shocking lime (see final pic)! See, told you I was a nightmare client.

front door path
front door climber
front door colour
front door colour 2
front door
front door colour 3
front door olive
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front door climber thumbnail
front door colour thumbnail
front door colour 2 thumbnail
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