I’ve been to most of the ‘great gardens’ of England, and a fair few around the world, yet Great Dixter in Sussex remains my favourite. Despite being grand, it has a human scale, a warmth and such a joyous approach to planting that just makes me smile.

The gardens were began by arts and crafts architect Edwin Lutyens for Nathanial Lloyd at the beginning of the last century, but it was the son Christopher Lloyd who wasn’t afraid of playing with and pushing the garden to new approaches and heights of dizzying colour.

“Every year,” says head gardener Fergus Garrett “we plan a kaleidoscope of rich tones to bring the garden to a late crescendo”. These photos are in no way touched up…the hues really are that giddily gorgeous. It’s an inspiration for what can be achieved in late summer/autumn. You have to go!

Dixter autumn
dixter roof
pumpkins autumn
banana dixter
dixter autumn border
dixter yew topiary
cobble hard materials
dahlia dixter autumn
persicaria dixter autumn
hot border dixter autumn
nasturtium dahlia dixter
sanguisorba dixter autumn
hot autumn dixter
dixter view autumn
verbena dahlia dixter
salvia ricinus hot border dixter
autumn primrose dixter
dixter grasses
dixter autumn border 2
yucca texture
hard material steps dixter
banana exotic dixter
dahlia salvia dixter
dixter logs texture
Dixter autumn thumbnail
dixter roof thumbnail
pumpkins autumn thumbnail
banana dixter thumbnail
dixter autumn border thumbnail
dixter yew topiary thumbnail
cobble hard materials thumbnail
dahlia dixter autumn thumbnail
persicaria dixter autumn thumbnail
hot border dixter autumn thumbnail
nasturtium dahlia dixter thumbnail
sanguisorba dixter autumn thumbnail
hot autumn dixter thumbnail
dixter view autumn thumbnail
verbena dahlia dixter thumbnail
salvia ricinus hot border dixter thumbnail
autumn primrose dixter thumbnail
dixter grasses thumbnail
dixter autumn border 2 thumbnail
yucca texture thumbnail
hard material steps dixter thumbnail
banana exotic dixter thumbnail
dahlia salvia dixter thumbnail
dixter logs texture thumbnail

Here’s a link to Fergus’ article in The Guardian today on some of the perennials he favours. It prompted me to share this photo essay.

Visiting information is here: Great Dixter website: how to find us