Overgrown, overlooked and…well, small? Or a calm, intimate courtyard garden waiting to happen?

Absolutely every outside space, no matter what size, can be transformed into a stylish outdoor room for lounging, eating and just smelling the roses. The secret’s in planning the right layout.

David’s garden in south London was a small space in need of a bold solution but for a limited budget. Here’s what it looked like, and the design solution we went for…

venetian before 3
venetian before 5
DH view 4
DH view 8
DH view 10
DH view 11
DH view 12
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Incorporating generously wide seating into the curved wall itself does away with the need for garden furniture. However the space can also work with a cafe table and chairs, giving David the for flexibility for different eating or entertaining events.

Those raised beds will also mean those young plants get a lift; the climbers and planting will knit together to blur the boundaries, soften the corners and offer scent and colour at eye level… something trickier to achieveĀ  in a small space if the plants are grown at ground-level.

As David was on a tight budget, we chose to save money by a few smart design moves:

  1. the existing paving stones around the outside were lifted sand re-laid as a central circle
  2. gravel was chosen for groundcover around the house to provide a textural contrast and again for its lower price and to cover existing concrete around the house which would have been costly to remove
  3. we cheated a bit by building the walls in breeze-block and facing them with the more expensive warm, weathered brick.

The curve was a little pricier to build than straight lines, but I think totally worth it in terms of the space created; maximising use of the corners for planting and giving a real flow to this modest square plot.

So here’s the before and after – look how much bigger it feels. The planting’s very young still but David’s already planning his early summer garden parties for next year..and I’ve got the first G&T invite!

venetian before 1
venetian 1
venetian 2
venetian 2
venetian 4
venetian 5
venetian 6 crocosmia
venetian 7
venetian plant moodboard
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venetian 2 thumbnail
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