There’s frost on the ground in London this morning, but peeking out from under hedges and old leaves are the first signs of snowdrops and crocus.

The lime-green fresh leaves of these bulbs are wonderful. If you can’t wait for your own bulbs to pop up, cheat and buy a selection of pre-potted bulbs from the greengrocer or garden centre! I’m scattering a selection of glass vases holding cut flowers and indoor bulbs across my black dining table. The ensemble looks great both during the day and at night, interspersed with different height beeswax candles.

As well as the white hyacinth, try Narcissis papyraceus, known as ‘Paper White’ Narcissus, has up to 10 pure-white flowers per stem, which are highly perfumed. The strong stems also make it perfect as a cut flower.

white bulbs in vases